#ocTEL weeks 0 -1

Need to catch up, been dipping in and out of things between supporting students. So far I have struggled a little because I can’t set aside a specific amount of time, but once I’ve got this blog up and running I should be able to participate and get things done. I hope that this course will enable me to deliver ‘blended learning’ using technology. So far I have used interactive whiteboards (limited use as I generally do 1:1 sessions) and interactive/touch screen monitors which, although the students like them, I find a bit scarey. My experience of technology in learning has not been particularly good, as the ‘technology’ hasn’t always worked during training sessions.  I hope that this course will give me the confidence to use the resources that are available both at college and through other sources.  


One thought on “#ocTEL weeks 0 -1

  1. Sue Folley

    Hi Sue – well done on setting up your blog and taking the first step to post – often that is the hardest thing to do. It is difficult to find the time to take part in courses like this – the best thing is to try and schedule some time in your diary and then stick to it as though it is a face-to-face commitment. I know that is easier said than done!

    Using new technology can be a daunting at first, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. If you can spend some time practicing with it so you feel more confident – or try and get the students involved if you can – you will probably find they will teach you a thing or two. If you approach it with an attitude of let’s learn this together, then it feels less risky. Just take small steps and try one thing out at a time – and may be have a back up plan in case things go wrong – which they can do. Things can go wrong without technology though as well – so don’t be put off giving it a go!

    Good luck with the course – I hope you do get the confidence you are looking for!

    Sue Folley (ocTEL support tutor)


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